Benjamin Selby

aBOUT mE...

My journey to this point where I’m offering to celebrate your ceremony with you has been a long and winding one….

It could be at least a trilogy of novels akin to Game of Thrones (GOT) or Lord of the Rings but Ill aim to keep it brief on here!

I was born into a fairly ordinary family in a small market town in the Midlands, we had a smallholding and raised our own livestock and grew our own vegetables, at this point it’s more Countryfile than GOT!

But my early years taught me the importance of a close relationship with the land and how love and respect should be a part of everyday life.

My world view and spirituality grew out of this time and has been nature based from the beginning.

My teenage years saw me explore many pathways to faith including Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Druidry so as you see I’ve always been open to working across faiths and cultures.

As the years passed I became interested in Celtic Christianity which is as I see it a blend of our native nature based religions and Christianity.

By the time my first children were born life was mostly about work and paying the bills which led me away from my spiritual journey. But when the decision was made to have them Christened at the local church I was back on it!

Very quickly and much to my families bewilderment I became involved in local ministry, taking services, leading children and youth work and leading charity events. This in turn and over the course of the next seven years led me to put myself forward for Ordination training…..

Somehow a chap with poor exam results and who had only ever been a builder was on his way to Oxford to train as an Anglican Priest!

The following years saw my youngest daughter born and the beginning of my ministry in Nottingham, taking services, officiating at weddings, funerals and baptisms. I also tried to get the church outside as much as possible on reflective walks and outdoor ceremonies etc.

It was a fantastic time in my life but the dogma and doctrine of the church was often a bind and although I valued the heritage I was part of it never quite sat right with me so unfortunately Christian ministry wasn’t for me.

The following six years followed like a Norse Saga and definitely warrants telling around a camp fire!

My journey back to the true me had begun, I started to enjoy the outdoors again, I began to pray and meditate once more and my collection of books began to grow!

Around this time I met Kelly who has become my life partner and wife, we celebrated our own handfasting in beautiful Cornwall and had the very same ceremony that I offer to you albeit with a different Sacred Celebrant!

Kelly not only gets involved organising behind the scenes but also assists me at larger ceremonies.

This exploration into the old faiths led me to Glastonbury town, known as the ancient Isle of Avalon and this is where I remembered and reunited with the Sacred feminine in all of her forms of Goddess.

With my life back on solid ground I started to feel the stir of walking alongside people once more in ceremony. This call led me to apply to train with the Priestesses of Avalon to become a Sacred Celebrant.

This training was one of the most transforming times of my life. I became aware that my call is to walk a winding path alongside others as they explore their own spirit paths and to allow the blend of cultures and beliefs to happen in our own time.

My worldview is wide and I accept people as people regardless of beliefs, culture or gender. I seek to celebrate the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine in my own life and the world.

My call is to create beautiful ceremonies for beautiful people as they seek a way to bring the sacred into the ordinary.

Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated.

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