Green Man Shamanic Journeys and Healing


Since being a child I’ve been aware of the energy within me to heal for many years I disregarded it as something only others better than me offered. But since training with the Priestesses of Avalon I have felt the call more strongly than ever and now I stand at the point in my life where I can offer my insights and healing to you. I lead from my hearts voice and my connection to the Source, I am happy to work with people from all backgrounds and beliefs.

I have long explored many approaches to healing and have often pondered why I lacked affinity with them. I believe that we all have within us our own unique way to not only heal ourselves but we are made to work together as communities of healers to each other.

I work with the sacred energies of trees and seek to bring that energy to others.

I offer a combination of shamanic soul journeying and meditation using tree essences gathered in full cooperation with several ‘tree friends’.

The Oak Grandmother whose energies are rooted in support and care.

The Ash Wounded Healer who gives his energy for healing wounds from the deep past.

The Hawthorn Dancer whose energy is about new hope and life.

The Holly Maiden who gives her youthful joy to us and urges us to positive energy that might lay hidden in our lives.

These are a few of my tree companions, I look forward to introducing you to many others.

I offer healing sessions within your home where possible, but I can with notice offer a healing space if your home is too busy.

I also offer a day of shamanic work in the company of trees out on the land, this can be for the individual or small groups.

Please message me for a free telephone consultation and for more details.

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