our values

I aim to work in a way that honours those I meet, I am a believer in all people are equal and valued regardless of age, background or sexuality.

I respect the landscapes I work upon, I strive to leave no trace from any ceremony, in fact I often leave with other people’s litter to endeavour to leave a place better than we had found it.

Openness, honesty and trust are the foundation of Green Man Ceremonies. I aim to provide you with a professional service where you feel safe and secure in knowing that your ceremony will be special with you at the heart of it.


A Sacred Celebrant is someone who has been trained in the art of ceremony by the Priestess’ of Avalon (accredited by IPHM).

I am one of only three men in the world to receive this training in 2021 and as a Sacred Celebrant I am able to create & conduct ceremonies for your different rites of passage, Handfastings, Baby Namings, Funerals etc.

Our Ceremonies are conducted unscripted for the most part and the intense training we have undergone makes us very accomplished within this skill set. We are currently not able to conduct legal ceremonies at this time; this is done by registrars or religious figureheads, however, we can offer completely unique ceremonies as we are not held to any governmental restrictions. No restrictions means freedom for you to have a truly personal ceremony at any location and at any time of day.

Registrars can only conduct wedding ceremonies within authorised venues, at certain times of day, and they are restricted to the ceremony content. Sacred Celebrants can conduct your wedding ceremony anywhere, at any time and support you to have the content which is relevant to you as a couple.

Registrars are not allowed, by law, to include religious or spiritual content in their marriage ceremonies. Whereas a Sacred Celebrant can include whatever content you like ensuring that you have a ceremony that reflects you.

Since celebrants, of any kind, cannot conduct legally binding ceremonies (yet!), so some couples opt for something like the following –

Either a couple of days before or after the Handfasting, a couple will journey to the Registry Office with two or more witnesses. Here they are legally wed in the eyes of the government. Then the couple have their Handfasting with me! Most consider the Handfasting to be the ‘real’ wedding which is conducted in front of friends and family.

Some couples prefer to have a Registrar led wedding ceremony where all the family and friends attend, and then come to me for a smaller marriage blessing. This is a popular option for couples with families who feel more comfortable with modern day traditional wedding ceremonies.

There are many reasons why you would want to choose a Sacred Celebrant! One of them being how unique we are. At the moment, there are only around 30 of us dotted throughout the world. Not only that, the way we create and conduct ceremony is totally unique to you. The only other people who conduct marriage ceremonies the way we do, are a small group of Priestess’ in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.

If you are spiritually inclined, then we can bring the divine to your ceremony, if you are not so spiritually inclined, then fear not, I conduct ceremony for those of any faith and none. I have conducted plenty of atheist or agnostic ceremonies for couples who either wanted to add an earthly gravitas to their ceremony, or they wanted a more boho feeling to their ceremony.

Choosing a celebrant for your marriage ceremony means you have absolute freedom over one of the most significant moments of your life. You can choose the style and content that reflect you as a couple, you can have as many or little readings as you wished, you could get married in a hotel, a wooded forest glade or on a dinghy cast out on a lake! The choice is completely yours and a Sacred Celebrant will be excited to support you to create your ideal ceremony.

For ceremonies within the East Midlands travel is included within your package.

For ceremonies out of this area I charge 45p per mile. I am happy to consider longer travels or overseas travel and if this is the case for your ceremony this may incur additional costs to cover accommodation and travel for myself and my ceremonial assistant.

Any additional costs would be discussed and agreed with you at the consultation.

No. I understand that it is important to find the right Celebrant for your special day and that’s why I offer a free, one hour, no obligation consultation with you so we can discuss your wants and needs for your ceremony.

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